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What You Need To Know About Security for Your Business App |

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What You Need To Know About Security for Your Business App

By  - July 7, 2015
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business-security-systems1Your business is growing and you need to start looking for a better way to interact with and convert customers. A mobile app that supports your goals and visions is the best bet for ensuring customer loyalty, long-term conversions and instant communication with new and bigger audiences.

Once you have enlisted one of our amazing AppGeniuses to create your app, it is important that you discuss the layers of security that your application will need. This is not a conversation you should wait to have since security attributes should be integrated throughout the development of your app. This is because apps often rely on consumer data such as contact and location information, they can be vulnerable to digital snoops and data breaches. And gaining the trust of your customers is critical to the success of your business.

images (1)Although there is no all-encompassing checklist for securing every app, the best practices listed below will help you provide a secure experience for your customers. Here are the points you should discuss with your AppGenius:

Understand the differences between mobile platforms

Every mobile operating system uses different application programming interfaces (known as APIs). And each one provides different security-related features as well as handling permissions differently. So be sure you discuss with your developer what platform would be best based upon your needs and expectations.

Take stock of the data you want to collect and retain

Don’t collect data you don’t need. In its simplest form, data that you don’t collect is data you don’t need to worry about protecting. For example, if your app is location-based in nature, get rid of the data when it is no longer relevant. Some of the most common app breaches are a result of data that is securely stored.

Request transit encryption for usernames and passwords

Mobile devices usually rely on unsecure Wi-Fi access points when your customer is accessing your app on the go. Be sure your AppGenius deploys secure digital certificates for your app. A no-frills certificate from a reputable vendor is inexpensive and helps your customers ensure they are communicating with your servers and not someone else’s.

Protect your servers

If you maintain a server that communicates with your app, be sure your AppGeniuses takes the steps to protect it. If your app relies on a cloud provider, be sure you understand the divisions of responsibility for securing and updating your app’s software on the server.

Stay aware and communicate with your customers

Once you release your app to the world, you need to stay involved. New vulnerabilities arise often and even the most reputable software matrices require security updates. So make sure you and your developer have a plan in place for those updates to be made.

More information on mobile app security can be found on the United States Federal Trade Commission’s website.

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