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A Dressing Room Right In Your Phone |

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A Dressing Room Right In Your Phone

By  - November 25, 2013
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Virtual fitting room fitiquetteYou’ve probably heard of virtual sales floors and other apps that show off products like cars and real estate properties to prospective buyers in order to increase sales efficiency and overall productivity. (If you haven’t then you obviously didn’t read our article about the power and variance of tablet apps, located here.) Well another industry has decided to go the virtual route – fashion! Some companies are now utilizing virtual changing room apps to better people’s remote clothing shopping experience.

Have you ever bought a piece of clothing online only to find out it doesn’t fit? All shirts aren’t made the same. A large from one brand could equate a medium or extra-large in another, making the chance of you having to send the item back rather high. Sure, most sites list the clothing’s dimensions, but who knows their measurements or wants to go through the trouble of measuring themselves to buy a single shirt online? Besides, anyone who’s ever gone clothes shopping before knows that apparently an inch isn’t the same length for every designer.

Virtual Fitting is just one of the companies that’s decided to implement a virtual changing room to solve this ever pressing problem of buying clothing online. It works by providing over 2,000 body sizes that can be used to visually represent how a piece of clothing will look when worn. All you have to do is pick the size closest to your own and you’ll have a pretty accurate model to work with.

Fitiquette is another company that’s been making waves using virtual changing rooms. Their app works by having you create a virtual mannequin using your measurements and then using that mannequin to show you have a piece of clothing will fit and how it’ll look as you move around.

These are just two examples of apps that are turning industries on their head and making it easier to purchase goods online that were once a hassle to buy. It just goes to prove that apps really can do virtually anything.