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4 Ways Your Mobile App Can Make You Money

Being clear about the monetization model of your app from day one will help to prove that your customers are willing to pay to solve the problem you’ve addressed which is a vital part of ...

By Jacquie Pirnie - August 9, 2015
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Here’s How To Optimise Your App For The Google Play Store

The Google Play store will be a bigger player over the next 5-10 years because of the open source nature of the Android platform. And since it is a Google product, the store has access to the ...

By Jacquie Pirnie - May 6, 2015
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4 Tasty Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs An App

  Empty tables and leftover food is something that all restaurants, including yours, struggle to avoid as much as possible.  However, competition in the dining industry is very tough. Each ...

By Jacquie Pirnie - January 17, 2015
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