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How To Simplify Your Life With IFTTT |

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How To Simplify Your Life With IFTTT

By  - February 22, 2015
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What the heck is this?

2014-01-16_1640This is a little reminder from your phone that every time you enjoy a braised carnitas burrito, you should consider hitting the treadmill!

If you haven’t heard of If This Then That yet, be prepared to put your amazing face on. This webapp automation service aggregates many other web apps into one place and can then perform actions given a certain set of criteria. I know, I know, it sounds way more technical than it actually is. In fact, it’s really easy!

 The Basics

Here are some typical examples of something you can have IFTTT set up to do:

2014-01-16_1615 2014-01-16_16142014-01-16_1614_001

You can set these actions up quite simply with their recipes. Recipes involve two web apps, one app to trigger, and the other app to perform an action.

The best part about this website is that it is free to use and has heaps of popular web apps that you can set to trigger and perform an action.

Some of the apps include Etsy, Dropbox, Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, BuzzFeed, Foursquare, Google Calendar, Instagram, Google Drive, Gmail, Skydrive, Tumblr, Evernote, and Bitly, just to name a few!

Simple DImple

I want to state again how simple this website is to use. There are intuitive drop down menus with options to choose from.

The name of the website states exactly what it does:

If something happens, Then perform an action.

Still not sure? Well, IFTTT shows you samples of other users  on their site and it is very easy to search for other examples on social media platforms like Facebook.

Okay, you are warming up to the idea but worried about exposure or overexposure online? When you decide to turn on an app, IFTTT simply asks for permission to access that specific app. The process of adding an app to IFTTT is easy. however, if you were a hacker wouldn’t this sort of website look like a gold mine? Multiple online accounts, all linked together – sounds like an awesome target to me.

I bring this up just to remind you about network  security. Before allowing IFTTT (or any other app for that matter) be sure to see exactly what you’re giving IFTTT control over. Read the “fine print” and if you’re comfortable with it, get going. Remember you are on complete control over which apps/networks/platforms you allow into each recipe. Some people may be fine allowing IFTTT into their Facebook profile, and other online explorers may only feel comfortable enough with IFTTT to allow it to manage their Flickr searches.

And Now A New Awesome Feature!

IFTTT just added a new location channel to its iOS app. It utilises the GPS feature on your Apple phone!  This way you can trigger different recipes when you enter or exit a particular area. It’s a fantastic feature with a lot of potential.

Here are a few examples:


Pretty cool, yes?

So to recap, here are the takeaways from our little tour of IFTTT:

  • IFTTT automates multiple web services.
  • IFTTT uses one app as a trigger and another app to perform an action.
  • There is no code or programming experience necessary to begin using IFTTT.
  • Set up the triggers once, and they work automatically.

So, check out this application and see if it really can sync some of your life’s moving parts so you can focus on your larger tasks and goals each day. We’d be interested to see some of your recipes here in the comments!