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Here’s How Enterprise Apps Can Increase Your Company’s Productivity |

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Here’s How Enterprise Apps Can Increase Your Company’s Productivity

By  - October 15, 2015

One of the dilemmas facing businesses today is improving productivity. While many companies are working with a leaner workforce, employees have to work smarter to get more things accomplished in a day.

And, enterprise apps may be just the ticket for helping employees be more productive. In fact, in a recent survey by Mobile Helix, the vast majority of companies in the US and UK that participated in a survey revealed that their employees want more enterprise apps from their company.

Most will agree that enterprise apps enhance mobility. When employees are stuck at a desk for the entire day, they tend to become less productive over time. However, when they are free to move about and work from a variety of locations, they usually end up working longer hours getting more accomplished during their times of peak performance.

If you’re one of the few that doesn’t agree, consider that companies spend $297 billion annually on enterprise apps alone.  Not only that, the world is expected to have 1.3 billion mobile workers by 2015.  Mobile apps are replacing desktop software.

The way in which people interact with apps on their devices is different from the software on their desktop computers. “With our reliance on the PC declining the onus is on the businesses to deliver their IT services in a format that enables staff to access corporate cloud apps from any device or location,” said Dr. Brian Nicholson, Manchester Business School. On the device, the employee interacts directly with the data and is able to enjoy his/her work more. Enterprise apps are designed to not only be efficient but also interactive and engaging for the user.

Data synchronization between the apps and the local server can also be made seamless, hence relieving IT staff of the burden of having to archive data to the server on a regular basis.

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There are a lot of features that can greatly enhance teamwork such as synchronization of data between devices and the ability to work on a job at the same time. This means that employees can collaborate with their peers or clients on a project in real time and as a result will be more productive.

While companies are in agreement and would like to heed to the requests of their employees to provide them with more enterprise apps, the costs of development, managing different platforms and maintaining security are challenging for many CIOs.

However, investing in a custom enterprise app gives the flexibility and the room for growth that “off the shelf” apps cannot achieve.