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App Startups to Watch in 2014 |

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App Startups to Watch in 2014

By  - January 23, 2014
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App Startups

Apps are slowly becoming a way of life, and many companies are not only using apps to better their businesses but focusing their entire business around apps. The following are a few app-based startups that you might want to follow as they fight to rise in the app industry.

Glow startupGlow

Glow’s focus is to attempt to do what the American government has been unable to accomplish for decades – better the US healthcare industry. It’s the most recent venture from PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, and it aims to help women get pregnant without having to go through costly fertility treatments. It even helps them pay for treatments if they’re unsuccessful, something health insurance doesn’t cover.

Women who use the app can put in $50 towards a Glow First program. After 10 months, if they’ve been unsuccessful at conceiving a child, they will receive a portion of the total funds Glow collects for fertility treatments. Max has even already put a million of his own money into the pot.

The app uses the latest technology and understanding of the conception process to help women increase their chances without shelling out tons of money. It’s even integrated with MyFitnessPal.


Medium is a blog-like publishing service that was created by Ev Williams, one of the co-founders of Twitter. It sets itself apart by focusing on quality over quantity. It requires a Twitter account to join, but other than that it is its own business. The company is seeking to better its iOS and Android functionality this year and maybe even raise a little venture capital. startup is a startup founded by Jason Calacanis, who has said he expects it to become the largest content site on the web in ten years after it surpasses Wikipedia. There’s still not much known about other than that it’ll focus on being a mobile app and should be available on January 23rd.

That’s just a few startups to follow. If you’re interested in creating an app for your business, feel free to talk to one of our trusted App Geniuses today!