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4 Tasty Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs An App |

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4 Tasty Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs An App

By  - January 17, 2015
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Empty tables and leftover food is something that all restaurants, including yours, struggle to avoid as much as possible.  However, competition in the dining industry is very tough. Each restaurant doing whatever it can to get its share of patrons from the limited audience in their surrounding area.  In a consumer research survey by Mandala Research, it was found that the average U.S. consumer dines out 4-5 times per week.  About half of those dining out occasions were for lunch which was the most popular choice followed by dinner and breakfast.


One of the biggest challenges facing you today is being able to stay in front of your customers and encourage them to return to your establishment.  Considering that the majority of customers have a mobile device, there are a variety of new opportunities for you to stay in touch with your guests and keep them coming back. So, here are four reasons why your restaurant needs an app.


1. Push notifications: Sending push notifications to diners that subscribe to your app enables you to send special offers, events and promotions directly to their smart phone.  Since the message appears directly on the screen in front of them, your message is guaranteed to be seen.


2. Mobile coupons:  Mobile coupons are quickly becoming very popular and patrons love them.  Publishing a coupon in the local paper or participating in a direct mail campaign is very costly and has a low response rate. Restaurants use mobile coupons to build loyalty by rewarding frequent diners as well as offering an incentive to win over a new customer.


3. Online reservations and ordering:  With a mobile app, restaurants can fill up empty tables and serve more customers with online reservations and ordering feature.  This also gives restaurant owners and chefs a better way of forecasting the number of customers and the items they need to have on hand which could limit waste. It’s also good for the customer as they don’t have to walk around with a buzzer waiting for a table to be ready.


4. GPS directions:  A mobile app with GPS directions will literally bring patrons directly to your front door.  Customers will arrive happy and hungry which is just the way restaurants like to receive their guests.


There you have it; four reasons why your restaurant needs an app. The only thing left to do is have your app built and get ready to feed the hungry diners that will be visiting you.