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Boost Your Business With These Four Mobile Marketing Strategies |

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Boost Your Business With These Four Mobile Marketing Strategies

By  - April 13, 2015
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Recent innovative mobile features are making it easier for small businesses to use mobile marketing to expand their business.  Since most of your clients are already using a smart phone, tablet or both, it makes sense to reach out to them on their favorite device. In fact, businesses spent more than $6.7B on mobile technology in 2012, according to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).

Small businesses have a local advantage.  “Local merchants have a better opportunity on mobile, in part because they can craft it to fit their business,” said Greg Stuart, CEO of the MMA in a recent USA Today article. With that in mind, here are four small business mobile marketing strategies that you can implement right now.

Mobile Apps:  Mobile apps are a great way to build loyalty and grow your business at the same time.  The best apps are those that save time or help people do things better.  For example, a Christmas store created an app that provided holiday decorating tips and ideas that their customers fell in love with.  You might even have some helpful tools on your website that can be converted into an app.

Mobile Bar Codes: QR (Quick Response) or 2D codes are printed in magazines, t-shirts, business cards and other marketing material that direct people to a specific web page or offer when the code is scanned by a mobile phone using a free QR reader. You can create a free QR code at

Mobile Advertising: Google, Yahoo and Bing offer advertisers the ability to target ads specifically towards mobile phones, tablets and desktops. This gives small businesses the ability to create a better ad experience for those already online searching for products and services that they provide.  In addition, advertisers can use ad extensions to include their phone number or company address in the mobile ad to direct mobile users to their local business.

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SMS (short message service) Marketing:  You probably have seen advertisements asking viewers to send a text message to a certain code to receive information.  Many small businesses use SMS to reward loyal customers with coupons and other special offers.  Signing up for an SMS code is easy and inexpensive.  When customers send a text message to your code, they will be automatically subscribed and you will be able to send short text messages directly to their mobile phone.


There is little doubt that mobile marketing is attracting the attention of small and large businesses alike.  With its massive opportunities for advertising company brands as well as the services and products they offer, small businesses can use this new and innovative technology to stay in front of their customers.