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What You Need To Know About Security for Your Business App

Your business is growing and you need to start looking for a better way to interact with and convert customers. A mobile app that supports your goals and visions is the best bet for ensuring ...

By Jacquie Pirnie - September 14, 2014
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4 Tasty Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs An App

  Empty tables and leftover food is something that all restaurants, including yours, struggle to avoid as much as possible.  However, competition in the dining industry is very tough. Each ...

By Jacquie Pirnie - September 12, 2014
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What Are Push Notifications & Why Are They Important To Your App?

Push notifications are instant text messages that are sent directly to the user’s mobile display screen. What makes these types of notifications so powerful is that it disrupts whatever the user ...

By Simon Anquetil - September 10, 2014
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